Free ebook and new MVA Training on Migrating SQL Server DBs to Azure

You also can download the eBook Migrating a SQL Server Database to Azure for free, and/or watch a great MVA training: Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure

MVA training info:

If you’re an experienced SQL Server database administrator or developer and if you have a need to “lift and shift” databases to the cloud, this course is for you. Carl Rabeler, author of the Microsoft Press book Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure, and Microsoft Senior Content Developer Chris Randall, who was the book’s technical reviewer, walk you through key topics.

Get an overview of SQL Server in Microsoft Azure, learn how to get started with SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine, and explore Azure SQL Database. Plus, find details on migrating a database to Azure, and learn more about authentication, authorization, and data resiliency. Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into securing and protecting your data in Azure in this SQL Server training, as you move to the cloud.

1 | Overview of SQL Server in Microsoft Azure

Get an introduction to the course, and explore the role of SQL Server technologies in a Microsoft Azure environment, including Azure Virtual Machines and Azure SQL Database.

2 | Getting Started with SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine

Learn how to provision Azure Virtual Machines using the SQL Server template from the Virtual Machine gallery.

3 | Getting Started with Azure SQL Database

See how to provision an Azure SQL Database, including logical servers, firewalls, and administrator accounts.

4 | Migrating a Database to Azure

Learn how to migrate existing databases from on-premises SQL Server, using a number of mechanisms.

5 | Authentication, Authorization, and Data Resiliency

Dive into securing and protecting your data in Azure.


  • Get an overview of SQL Server in Microsoft Azure.


  • Get started with SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine.
  • Get started with an Azure SQL Database.
  • Learn about migrating a database to Azure.
  • Get the details on authentication, authorization, and data resiliency.
  • Prerequisites

    This course assumes that you have more than one year of database administration using Microsoft SQL Server.


Best Practices for Handling Transient Conditions in SQL Azure Client Applications | Windows Azure Customer Advisory Team (CAT)

Best Practices for Handling Transient Conditions in SQL Azure Client

The following post is intended to offer you a set of best
practices centered around the development of reliable SQL Azure client
applications. The primary focus of this paper is positioned towards handling
transient conditions, namely, those intermittent faults, errors and exceptions
that need to be accounted for when developing reliable applications for
high-density multi-tenant environments such as SQL Azure.

SQL Azure Connection Management – TechNet Articles – Home – TechNet Wiki

SQL Azure Connection Management

SQL Azure provides a large-scale multi-tenant database service on shared
resources. In order to provide a good experience to all SQL Azure customers,
your connection to the service may be closed due to several conditions. This
article introduces SQL Azure and its network topology. Then, it lists the
reasons for connection-losses or throttling cases and provides guidelines and
best coding practices on how to manage the connection life cycle in SQL Azure.

Microsoft Delivers New Cloud Tools and Solutions at WPC

Microsoft Delivers New Cloud Tools and Solutions at the
Worldwide Partner Conference

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by STB Blogger

Cloud computing is as big a transformation, and opportunity, as the
technology industry has ever seen.  Partners and customers can look to
Microsoft for the most comprehensive cloud strategy and offerings, in order to
improve their business agility, focus and economics.  Today, at the
Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft announced tools and solutions to help
partners capitalize on the opportunities, as well as examples of partners and
customers already finding success.

Windows Azure Platform:

  • Windows Azure Marketplace: The Windows Azure Marketplace
    will now enable application sales, allowing partners and customers to easily
    sell, try and buy Windows Azure-based applications.  This capability builds
    on 99 partner data offerings already available for sale through the Marketplace
    and more than 450 currently listed applications.  The new Windows Azure
    Marketplace application selling capability is available today. More information
    is available on the Windows Azure blog at
  • New examples of Innovative Solutions built on Windows
  • Microsoft partner Wire Stone recently helped Boeing launch its “737 Explained
    ” on Windows Azure to give prospective 737 customers a rich,
    visually immersive tour of the plane.  A case study is available here
  • Microsoft partner BrandJourney Venturing helped General Mills create a new
    business outlet on Windows Azure that enables consumers to find and purchase
    gluten-free products.  A case study is available here.
  • Microsoft yesterday released a commissioned study conducted by
    Forrester Consulting entitled “The ISV Business Case For The Windows Azure
    Findings include that software partners deploying solutions
    on Windows Azure are generating 20% to 250% new revenue by reaching new
    customers, saving up to 80% on their hosting costs, and are able to reuse up to
    80% of their existing .NET code when moving to Windows Azure.   The
    study is available here.
  • Windows Azure Platform Appliance Progress:
    • Fujitsu announced in June that they would be launching the
      Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform (FGCP/A5) service in August 2011, running on a
      Windows Azure Platform Appliance at their datacenter in Japan. By using FGCP/A5,
      customers will be able to quickly build elastically-scalable applications using
      familiar Windows Azure platform technologies, streamline their IT operations
      management and be more competitive in the global market. In addition, customers
      will have the ability to store their business data domestically in Japan if they
    • HP also intends to use the appliance to offer private and
      public cloud computing services, based on Windows Azure. They have an
      operational appliance at their datacenter that has been validated by Microsoft
      to run the Windows Azure Platform and they look forward to making services
      available to their customers later this year.
    • eBay is in the early stages of implementing on the Windows
      Azure platform appliance and has successfully completed a first application on
      Windows Azure ( eBay is continuing to evaluate ways in which the
      Windows Azure platform appliance can help improve engineering agility and reduce
      operating costs.

    Private Cloud Computing with Windows Server and System

    • Windows Server 8:  In his keynote STB president Satya
      Nadella highlighted that the next version of Windows Server, codenamed Windows
      Server 8, will be the next step in private cloud computing.  More
      information will be shared at the BUILD conference in September. 
    • System Center 2012:
    • Microsoft announced a beta of the Operations Manager capability of
      System Center 2012. 
      System Center 2012 will further help partners
      and customers build private cloud services that focus on the delivery of
      business applications, not just infrastructure.  Operations Manager is a
      key component that provides end-to-end application service monitoring and
      diagnostics across Windows, others platforms and Windows Azure. Operations
      Manager will fully integrate technology from the AVIcode acquisition for
      monitoring and deep insights into applications. The beta will be available next
      week through this site and more information can be found next week on the
      System Center
    • “Project Concero” is now officially the App Controller capability
      within System Center 2012.
      Demonstrated during Satya Nadella’s keynote
      today, App Controller is a new solution in System Center that gives IT managers
      control across both private and public cloud assets (Windows Azure) and gives
      application managers across the company the ability to deploy and manage their
      applications through a self-service experience. 

    SQL Server “Denali”:

    • SQL Server “Denali” Community Technology Preview (CTP): SQL
      Server “Denali,” is a cloud-ready information platform to build and deliver apps
      across the spectrum of infrastructure.  Customers and partners can use this
      opportunity to preview the marquee capabilities and new enhancements coming in
      the next release of SQL Server with the community technology preview available
      through this site.
    • For the first time, customers can begin testing the much anticipated
      features of “Denali” with today’s CTP, including SQL Server AlwaysOn and Project
      “Apollo” for added mission critical confidence, Project “Crescent” for highly
      visual data exploration that unlocks breakthrough insights, and SQL Server
      Developer Tools code named “Juneau” for a modern development experience across
      server, BI, and cloud development projects.  For more information about
      “Denali” or the new CTP, visit the SQL Server
      Data Platform Insider blog

    A few days old… I was on holiday 🙂

    Download details: Windows Azure Platform Training Kit – April Update

    The Windows Azure Platform Training Kit includes a comprehensive set of
    technical content including hands-on labs, presentations, and demos that are
    designed to help you learn how to use the Windows Azure platform, including:
    Windows Azure, SQL Azure and the Windows Azure AppFabric.

    The April
    2011 update of the Windows Azure Platform Training Kit has been updated for
    Windows Azure SDK 1.4, Visual Studio 2010 SP1, includes three new HOLs, and
    updated HOLs and demos for the new Windows Azure AppFabric portal.

    of the specific changes with the April update of the training kit includes:

    • [New] Authenticating Users in a Windows Phone 7 App via ACS, OData Services
      and Windows Azure lab
    • [New] Windows Azure Traffic Manager lab
    • [New] Introduction to SQL Azure Reporting Services lab
    • [Updated] Connecting Apps with Windows Azure Connect lab updated for Connect
    • [Updated] Windows Azure CDN lab updated for CDN refresh
    • [Updated] Introduction to the AppFabric ACS 2.0 lab updated to the
      production release of ACS 2.0
    • [Updated] Use ACS to Federate with Multiple Business Identity Providers lab
      updated to the production release of ACS 2.0
    • [Updated] Introduction to Service Bus lab updated to latest AppFabric portal
    • [Updated] Eventing on the Service Bus lab updated to latest AppFabric portal
    • [Updated] Service Remoting lab updated to latest AppFabric portal
    • [Updated] Rafiki demo updated to latest AppFabric portal experience
    • [Updated] Service Bus demos updated to latest AppFabric portal

    Windows Azure News from MIX11 (2)

    Windows Azure Platform Offer Changes

    We also announced several offer changes today, including:

    • The extension of the expiration date and increases to the amount of free
      storage, storage transactions and data transfers in the Windows Azure
      Introductory Special offer. This promotional offer now includes 750 hours of
      extra-small instances and 25 hours of small instances of the Windows Azure
      service, 20GB of storage, 50K of storage transactions, and 40GB of data
      transfers provided each month at no charge until September 30, 2011. More
      information can be found here.

      • An existing customer who signed up for the original Windows Azure
        Introductory Special offer will get a free upgrade as of today. An existing
        customer who signed up for a different offer (other than the Windows Azure
        Introductory Special) would need to sign up for the updated Windows Azure
        Introductory Special Offer separately.
    • MSDN Ultimate and Premium subscribers will benefit from increased compute,
      storage and bandwidth benefits for Windows Azure. More information can be found
    • The Cloud Essentials Pack for Microsoft partners now includes 750 hours of
      extra-small instances and 25 hours of small instances of the Windows Azure
      service, 20GB of storage and 50GB of data transfers provided each month at no
      charge. In addition, the Cloud Essentials Pack also contains other Microsoft
      cloud services including SQL Azure, Windows Azure AppFabric, Microsoft Office
      365, Windows Intune and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. More information can be
      found here.

    Read carefully: Some important, good changes to the Introductory Special offer, the MDSN subscribers benefits, and the Cloud Essential Pack offer!

    Windows Azure News from MIX11 (1)

    New Services and Functionality

    A myriad of new Windows Azure services and functionality were unveiled
    today.   These include:

    • An update to the Windows Azure SDK that includes a Web Deployment Tool to
      simplify the migration, management and deployment of IIS Web servers, Web
      applications and Web sites. This new tool integrates with Visual Studio 2010
      and the Web Platform Installer.  This update will ship later today.
    • Updates to the Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control service, which
      provides a single-sign-on experience to Windows Azure applications by
      integrating with enterprise directories and Web identities.
    • Release of the Windows Azure AppFabric Caching service in the next 30 days,
      which will accelerate the performance of Windows Azure and SQL Azure
    • A community technology preview (CTP) of Windows Azure Traffic Manager, a
      new service that allows Windows Azure customers to more easily balance
      application performance across multiple geographies.
    • A preview of the Windows Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) for Internet
      Information Services (IIS) Smooth Streaming capabilities, which allows
      developers to upload IIS Smooth Streaming-encoded video to a Windows Azure
      Storage account and deliver that video to Silverlight, iOS and Android Honeycomb