Swisscom TV air case published

You can find it here.

I particularly like 🙂

  • Says Liechti: “We were working on a Smooth Streaming video player and a Flash-based video player at the same time. Thanks to the user-friendly tools in the Smooth Streaming development kit, it was twice as fast as developing in Flash.”
  • Gisi says: “The number of consumers that subscribed to Swisscom TV air showed that it had achieved our goals. This was a successful project at Swisscom with a fast return on investment.”

[Silverlight Applications]: And a real nice Gigapixel picture collection for a Deep Zoom in Switzerland

Explore the Matterhorn in a unique way thanks to Deep Zoom Zermatt, an awesome Silverlight Deep Zoom application.

(Have you seen the climbers on top of the mountain?)

BTW, if you have a Windows 7, touch-enabled PC, you can steer the application with your fingers.

And for the techies, all the data is on Windows Azure, Microsoft Cloud Computing platform.