SQL Server 2014 is Certified for SAP Applications On-Premises and in the Cloud

As of March 11 2015, SAP has certified support for SAP NetWeaver-based applications on Microsoft SQL Server 2014.  Now you can run even more of your Tier-1, mission-critical workloads on SQL Server.  And, the ability to run SAP on Microsoft Azure means that it can be accomplished with low total cost of ownership (TCO).

[…] With SAP’s certification, you can also run SAP in Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines with SQL Server 2014. Azure enables SAP customers to reduce TCO by leveraging Microsoft infrastructure as system needs grow, rather than investing in additional servers and storage. With Microsoft Azure, customers can leverage development and test environments in the cloud that can be spun up and scaled out as needed. SQL Server 2014 also introduced Disaster Recovery to Azure using an asynchronous AlwaysOn secondary, which can make Azure a part of your SAP disaster recovery plan.

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Free ebook: Microsoft Azure Essentials Fundamentals of Azure

The topics explored in this book include:

  • Getting started with Azure: Understand what cloud computing is, visit the management portals, and learn about billing.
  • Websites and Cloud Services: Learn about Azure Websites, from deployment to monitoring, and gain an understanding of the web and worker roles used in Azure Cloud Services.
  • Virtual Machines: Explore the basic features of Azure Virtual Machines, including how to create, configure, and manage them.
  • Storage: Read about the basics of Azure Storage, including blobs, tables, queues, and file shares.
  • Virtual Networks: Learn the basics of virtual networks, including how to create one, and why a virtual network might be necessary. This also covers site-to-site and point-to-site networking, as well as ExpressRoute.
  • Databases: Explore two relational database options available in Azure: Azure SQL Database and SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines.
  • Azure Active Directory: Explore basic features of Azure AD, including creating a directory, users and groups, and using the application gallery.
  • Management Tools: Explore three common tools for working with Azure: Visual Studio 2013 and the Azure SDK, Azure PowerShell cmdlets, and the Cross-Platform Command-Line Interface
  • Business Scenarios: Explore four common scenarios for utilizing Azure features: development and test, hybrid, application and infrastructure modernization, and Azure Mobile Services.

Get it on Microsoft Virtual Academy

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Microsoft + GitHub: Free Tools for Student Developers

For all student developers, you may like the offer below. BTW, it offers you enough free azure for 10 web sites and 10 services for your mobile apps…

When we launched the new Visual Studio Community 2013 edition last year, we talked about students being one the audiences this product is really great for.  Free access to the tools that professional developers use every day is a great resource for students to learn, code and build the next great app.

GitHub is the home of a strong open source community, including hundreds of Microsoft projects, and students are a critical part of this community.  Recently, GitHub announced the GitHub Student Developer Pack, a collection of resources for students to get started with access to great developer tools and services offerings from dozens of partners.

Today, GitHub and Microsoft are making Visual Studio Community 2013 available as part of the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Through the Student Pack, student developers can access Visual Studio, as well as great free offers for Azure and Visual Studio Online.

  • Visual Studio:  All the tools, designers and debuggers you need for your next project – with support for web, mobile, desktop and cloud apps using C#, Node.js, Python, F#, VB and more.  Visual Studio 2013 Community is free for students and other non-enterprise developers.
  • Visual Studio Online: Tools for planning, backlogs, tracking bugs and running builds and continuous integration – all in one place.  Visual Studio Online accounts are free for up to 5 users.
  • Microsoft Azure:  Host apps in the cloud on a platform that supports any OS, any language and any framework.  Microsoft Azure subscriptions include 10 free web sites and 10 free mobile services.

That’s just the start though.  Students can also get free access to many more Microsoft tools and developer offerings through DreamSpark, including SQL Server, training courses and Windows Store developer accounts.  Along with the GitHub Student Developer Pack, we’re making it easy for students to discover and access the offerings available through DreamSpark.

Go ahead and get started today.

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Temenos setzt auf Microsoft Azure – Netzwoche

Kernbankensystem in die Cloud

Temenos setzt auf Microsoft Azure


Zusammen mit Microsoft hat Temenos seine Kernbanken-Lösung “T24” in die Azure-Cloud gebracht. Die Lösung soll flexibler und schneller einsetzbar sein. Besonders in Schwellenländern soll die Lösung Wachstum generieren.Der Schweizer Softwarehersteller für Banken Temenos hat die neueste Version seines Kernbankensystem “T24” als Cloud-Lösung lanciert. Das Unternehmen wurde 1993 in Genf gegründet und zählt momentan 1600 Institutionen in über 150 Ländern zu seinen Kunden. Bereitgestellt wird die neue Lösung über die Microsoft Azure-Cloud, heisst es in einer Customer Story von Microsoft.

Zeit- und Kostenersparnis

Mit dem Gang in die Cloud folge Temenos dem Trend zur Digitalisierung in der Bankenbranche. Kunden würden zunehmend mobile Geräte für das Banking nutzen, und die neue Lösung biete eine Antwort auf dieses Bedürfnis, sagte Ben Robinson, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer des Unternehmens.


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Announcing Azure Media Services Live Streaming With PlayReady encryption capability | Microsoft Azure Blog

One month after we announced AES dynamic encryption for live streaming, today we are excited to add PlayReady encryption for your live streams as well. With Azure Media Services, our supported streaming protocols, such as Http-live-streaming (HLS), Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH, you could configure either AES or PlayReady encryption and deliver the encrypted live stream.

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Microsoft Azure Trust Center | Azure



BizSpark – Up to $60,000 Free Azure











BizSpark startups who qualify for BizSpark Plus get up to $60,000 free Azure.

  • Create virtual machines running Linux or Windows
  • Code in Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, or .NET

Not bad, right? If you are in Switzerland, you are a startup or you think of becoming one,  and you want to profit of this offer, get in touch with us.

More information under BizSpark.

Azure Virtual Machine Encryption – making data security easy to buy, deploy and manage | CloudLink

Exploit all the benefits of Cloud, while keeping your data secure…

By MikeByrnes | November 13, 2014

Earlier this year, CloudLink launched SecureVM for Microsoft Azure, a virtual machine security solution designed to encrypt boot and data volumes in the cloud. SecureVM was designed to address two key customer needs.

First and foremost, SecureVM addresses the top concern associated with running workloads on a cloud-based infrastructure. In the traditional physical world, organizations have adopted full disk encryption technology to protect against data loss. However, in a virtual and cloud computing world, organizations must now resolve how to protect VM images from malicious or accidental mounting of virtual disks, leading to sensitive data loss. SecureVM allows organizations to segregate their data and protect access to VM images, keeping data private from other tenants and even their cloud provider.

Second, SecureVM addresses solution deployment and management. The cloud is all about IT agility and this can be negatively affected by solutions that introduce new technology that involves learning how to use tools and make sure they inter-operate with existing applications and platforms. SecureVM is an innovative and pragmatic security solution that makes data encryption in the cloud easy to deploy and manage by enabling proven and familiar encryption tools already built into the operating system.

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You can find detailed instructions on how setting this up under: Encrypting Azure Virtual Machines with CloudLink SecureVM.