#EverythingIsCode /00/

Thoughts on operating your IT an applications in a cloud-native way 

Work in progress – A rather long article in snackable chapters that will be added and extended in the coming weeks.


The content of this article represents my personal opinion that is based on my daily experiences as CTO of Microsoft Switzerland, working with organizations that run or plan to run their IT and applications on Microsoft Azure.

Azure evolves continuously, as my knowledge – And the more I learn, the more I have the impression that I know very little. In this respect, this article does not pretend to share any dogmatic truth, but simply my current thoughts – I am truly thankful for any feedback that will help in continuously improve this content.


Main Chapters – Why

Main Chapters – What

  • 02 – #Microservices
  • 03 – #DevOps
  • 04 – #InfrastructureAsCode [Coming Soon]
  • 05 – #ITAsCode [Coming Soon]
  • 06 – #CulturalChanges [Coming Soon]

Main Chapters – How (to Start)

  • 10 – #ParallelIteration [Coming Soon]

Deep-Dives related to Microservices

  • #CloudMigrationFramework-5R [Coming Soon]
  • #Microservices [Coming Soon]
  • #APIManagement [Coming Soon]
  • #ServiceMesh [Coming Soon]
  • #Orchestration [Coming Soon]

Deep-Dives related to Cloud Governance

  • #Guardrails [Coming Soon]


Next Chapter: #OnlyWhatYouDeployMatters

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