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By MikeByrnes | November 13, 2014

Earlier this year, CloudLink launched SecureVM for Microsoft Azure, a virtual machine security solution designed to encrypt boot and data volumes in the cloud. SecureVM was designed to address two key customer needs.

First and foremost, SecureVM addresses the top concern associated with running workloads on a cloud-based infrastructure. In the traditional physical world, organizations have adopted full disk encryption technology to protect against data loss. However, in a virtual and cloud computing world, organizations must now resolve how to protect VM images from malicious or accidental mounting of virtual disks, leading to sensitive data loss. SecureVM allows organizations to segregate their data and protect access to VM images, keeping data private from other tenants and even their cloud provider.

Second, SecureVM addresses solution deployment and management. The cloud is all about IT agility and this can be negatively affected by solutions that introduce new technology that involves learning how to use tools and make sure they inter-operate with existing applications and platforms. SecureVM is an innovative and pragmatic security solution that makes data encryption in the cloud easy to deploy and manage by enabling proven and familiar encryption tools already built into the operating system.

via Azure Virtual Machine Encryption – making data security easy to buy, deploy and manage | CloudLink.

You can find detailed instructions on how setting this up under: Encrypting Azure Virtual Machines with CloudLink SecureVM.