Could Windows Phone ever squeeze past iOS in the smartphone stakes? | ZDNet

Some interesting figures (IDC & Kantar)…

Western Europe: Windows Phone has 11 percent sales share in France in Kantar’s figures for the three months ending July 2013 (so not quite comparable to IDC’s Q2 figures) — up from 9 percent in Q2 and up from just 2 percent in May 2012, thanks to the Lumia 520 and HTC 8S selling well there. iOS has the lead at 17 percent, but not as large a lead as in stronger markets.

In Germany, Kantar said Windows Phone sales share had dropped from seven percent to six percent in Q2; that seems to have been a problem shipping units into stores as it’s now back to 8.8 percent.

The economic problems in Spain mean that both Windows Phone and iOS have very low market share (1.8 percent for Windows Phone, compared to more than 90 percent for Android).

In Italy, Kantar says Windows Phone has dropped from 14 percent to 10 percent in Q2, but then IDC says Nokia is the number two phone seller in Italy in Q2, behind Samsung and ahead of iPhone.

Android’s combined sales share for Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK is 67 percent for Q2 according to Kantar, up to 69 percent for the three months to July; Windows Phone share across those countries has gone from seven percent to 8.2 percent. IDC calls Nokia the fifth largest smartphone vendor in Western Europe…

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