Title Porting existing Windows Phone Applications to Windows 8
Date & Time July 31, 10:00 AM – 11:15 AM
Level 200
Abstract In this Jump Start video you will learn how to migrate your existing Windows Phone Application to Windows 8 with as little effort as possible. You will learn about dos and don’ts while porting existing applications and existing User Interfaces. You will find out what UI will help you creating a portable User Interface and which code will run both on Windows Phone and Windows 8. You will also learn how Visual Studio can assist you in maintaining one single source code base while targeting multiple platforms.
WWE Registration Link https://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/InviteOnly.aspx?EventID=6F-B1-B4-96-D8-58-4E-A6-F5-AC-A3-20-B2-DC-B1-47&Culture=en-SE&community=0

Speaker bio:

Maarten Struys works as Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows Embedded Evangelist for Alten-PTS in The Netherlands. Maarten is a well-known speaker at international conferences like Tech·Ed, MEDC and Mobile Connections. He created a large number of Windows Mobile How-Do-I videos for MSDN and he created the Windows Mobile Ramp-Up learning track. Maarten has over ten years of experience with Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone. His main focus today is teaching how to create efficient, great performing and battery friendly applications for Windows Phone and Windows 8. Maarten’s blog, http://mstruys.com, is loaded with Windows Phone development info.

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