Join the online event: Architecting Windows Phone Applications that will also run on Windows 8

Title Architecting Windows Phone Applications that will also run on Windows 8
Date & Time August 7, 10:00 AM – 11:15 AM
Level 300
Abstract In this Jump Start video you will learn how to plan developing applications for Windows Phone that will run on Windows 8 as well with a minimum amount of code modifications. By separating the UI from the program logic by making use of a modern design pattern like MVVM, chances are good that your Windows Phone program logic can largely be reused in Windows 8 applications. Since the UI of a Windows Phone and Windows 8 application will likely differ, focus of this Jump Start will be on code reusability. You will learn to use the MVVM design pattern while creating your application and what parts of code need special attention when porting them to Windows 8. You will also learn to use elements of object oriented software design to increase code reusability.
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Speaker bio:

Maarten Struys works as Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows Embedded Evangelist for Alten-PTS in The Netherlands. Maarten is a well-known speaker at international conferences like Tech·Ed, MEDC and Mobile Connections. He created a large number of Windows Mobile How-Do-I videos for MSDN and he created the Windows Mobile Ramp-Up learning track. Maarten has over ten years of experience with Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone. His main focus today is teaching how to create efficient, great performing and battery friendly applications for Windows Phone and Windows 8. Maarten’s blog,, is loaded with Windows Phone development info.