Windows Phone to Windows 8 – An insight (in progress) by Jared Bienz

From Jared’s blog:

Here are some of the articles I’m currently planning for the series:

  • User Interface – New and Different Controls, Porting UI, Form Factors
  • View States using Visual State Manager – Sample for handling Portrait and Snapped views using VSM
  • Application Framework – WinRT, Components, Asynchronous Code
  • Missing or Different – APIs, Notification, Tile, Isolated Storage
  • New Features – Timed Trial, In-App Purchase, Cloud Sync
  • System Integration – System Dialogs, Settings Pane, Permissions, Contracts
  • Localization – Supporting multiple languages
  • Media and Games – Local Folders, Background Audio, DirectX + XAML

via Windows Phone to Windows 8 « The Good, the Bad and the Mobile.