Gain early access to the Windows Store

*** For Swiss Developers only ***

Do you want to gain early access to the Windows Store during the pre-release period?
Join one of the Application Excellence Labs in Wallisellen, from May 29th to June 22nd.

The Labs

The Application Excellence Labs help developers by:

  • Offering them earlier access to the Windows Store. Labs are the singular path for developers to gain early access to the Store, allowing them
    • to receive an account
    • to register their app
    • to get a head start in publishing their app
  • Providing them early application feedback. Labs will help developers making their great applications even greater by advising on
    • Metro user experience
    • Responsiveness
    • Comprehensive feature coverage
  • Identifying potential submission issues.  Labs are the best way to identify potential development trouble spots for Store ingestion and to provide recommendations for resolution in the shortest amount of time.

The Labs will have a duration of half a day.

The Preparation

Precondition to attend the Application Excellence Labs is… To have an app that is ready to be published – Or at least, to have a very advanced prototype.

The Next Step

Get in touch as soon as possible to share your app idea and to schedule your lab participation.

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