Microsoft Silverlight 5 Support Lifecycle Policy – Until 10/12/2021!

Silverlight 5 – Microsoft will provide assisted and
unassisted no charge support for customers using versions of Silverlight 5. Paid
support options are available to customers requiring support with issues beyond
install and upgrade issues. Microsoft will continue to ship updates to the
Silverlight 5 runtime or Silverlight 5 SDK, including updates for security
vulnerabilities as determined by the MSRC. Developers using the Silverlight 5
development tools and developing applications for Silverlight 5 can use paid
assisted-support options to receive development support.

Silverlight 5 will support the browser versions listed on this
through 10/12/2021, or though the support lifecycle of the underlying
browsers, whichever is shorter. As browsers evolve, the support page will be
updated to reflect levels of compatibility with newer browser versions.

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