Selling (Windows 8) apps

[This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change.]

image of selling apps to the world

Millions of people around the world use Windows every day. With Windows 8, you can access those customers by listing your apps in the Windows Store. The Windows Store makes it easy to build, submit, and sell your apps.

You can design, develop, and build your Metro style apps so they’re ready when the Windows Store opens for submissions. In the meantime, you can share your Metro style apps with other developers for testing and review. That way, when the Windows Store opens for submissions, you’ll be ready to make money with Windows 8.

The Windows Store offers you:

App visibility

The Windows Store lets your apps take center stage. The listing pages present your app to a global audience using pictures, text, and links to additional content so that they can easily find what they want.

Catalog reach

Your apps will be available to customers around the world. You write your app once, set the price in your local currency, and the Windows Store can make it available in the worldwide marketplace in 100+ languages. We handle currency conversions and local tax laws to make it easier to sell your apps anywhere.

Learn more about the countries and regions the Windows Store will support.

Transparent terms and agreements

The Windows Store process throughout the life cycle of your app is transparent. You use the same certification tool that we use when we certify your app. The terms and conditions of the Windows Store are clear and concise and you can read the actual agreements before you register as a Windows Store developer.

  • App Developer Agreement

    Describes the business relationship between you and Microsoft.

    This document contains the Standard App Licensing Terms, which describe the terms of use to which your customers agree when they get your apps.

  • Certification requirements for Windows apps

    Describes the technical and content requirements that an app must follow to be listed in the Windows Store.

  • Windows Store Terms of Use

    The terms of use to which your customers agree when they use the Windows Store.

    This document also contains a copy of the Standard App Licensing Terms.

Flexible price tiers and pricing models

The Windows Store provides a flexible model for pricing your apps, and rewards popular apps with a better percentage of the net receipts. Price tiers simplify sales in foreign currencies.

Learn more about how to price apps in the Windows Store, and how the money you make is paid to you, in Making money with your apps.

Multiple app delivery options

The Windows Store lets you choose the business model that makes the most sense for you. When the Windows Store opens for submissions, you can make money with your apps through in-app purchases, trial versions, in-app advertising, and third-party transaction services.

Learn about the different ways that your customers can acquire your app in picking how you offer your app.



Build date: 12/6/2011