Windows Phone Developers Get New App Hub Features w Mango

Enhanced application management: For Mango, we’ve also heard your
feedback and made lots of improvements, big and small, to App Hub to give you
better account management tools, a streamlined application submission process
and enhanced reporting capabilities.

  • Better application management: By selecting ‘Edit catalog details’ on
    the app ‘Lifecycle’ tab you can now change the app metadata without submitting
    your app for re-certification, thus reducing the time to update and publish new
  • Enhanced developer dashboard: Now from a single location, when you
    sign-in you can quickly see all top app performance metrics, payout status,
    distribution reporting and all available ratings & reviews on your app(s) on
    a per language basis.
  • More detailed reporting: You are now able to select between
    ‘Summary’ and ‘Detail’ views of all reports and export them in an
    Excel-compatible format for offline data handling and analysis.
  • New ‘Crash Count’ report: App Hub now enables you to retrieve data on
    crash counts and stack traces for each of your apps to use in debugging
    publisher updates faster.
  • Streamlined application submission process: Developers no
    longer need to upload artwork files one-by-one. By clicking the ‘Browse’ button,
    developers can bulk select upload multiple artwork files all at once during the
    app submission process. The App Hub will automatically detect the image sizes of
    all artwork and place them in the correct artwork locations for developers to
    edit or delete before final app submission.
  • New App Categories: To make discoverability of apps easier we have
    added 3 new top level categories (education, kids & family and government
    & politics) and several new sub categories. In addition, during the app
    submission process, developers can now select categories and sub-categories for
    all languages.