Windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles

The Windows Azure Accelerator for Web Roles makes it quick
and easy for you to deploy one or more websites across multiple Web Role
instances using Web Deploy. The accelerator includes a Visual Studio project
template that creates a Windows Azure web role to host one or more websites.
Once you have deployed this Web Role you can deploy your websites to Windows
Azure using Web Deploy. Deployments to Windows Azure using Web Deploy take only
about 30 seconds. Additionally, this tool will work with roles that have a
single or many instances so you can scale up to handle as much traffic as you

The Web Host project template included with this project also has a user
interface for managing your IIS applications, certificates, and site bindings.
You can create new sites using only the web interface and then deploy directly
to your site using Web Deploy. Additionally, the web interface has some basic UI
to display logging information. The web interface can be used as is or extended
to fit your exact needs.

Windows Azure

Windows Azure is a cloud-computing platform that lets you run applications
and store data in the cloud.  Instead of having to worry about building out
the underlying infrastructure and managing the operating system, you can simply
build your application and deploy it to Windows Azure.  Windows Azure
provides developers with on-demand compute, storage, networking, and content
delivery capabilities.  For more information about Windows Azure, visit the
Windows Azure
.  For developer focused training material, download the Windows Azure Platform
Training Kit
or view the online Windows Azure Platform
Training Course

If you’re looking to try out the Windows Azure Platform free for
30-days—without using a credit card—try the Windows Azure Pass with promo code
“CloudCover”.  For more details, see Try
Out Windows Azure with a Free Pass

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