Monetize your Windows Phone 7 Apps

Mobile Apps

Monetize your Windows Phone 7 Apps

Download the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows
Phone 7 for mobile applications using the XNA Framework or Silverlight before
registering your Apps on pubCenter, Microsoft Advertising’s solution for Windows
Phone 7 Publishers and App Developers


Download the Microsoft Mobile Advertising SDK  Make More

Introducing Microsoft Advertising Exchange for Mobile, the
industry’s first real-time, bidded ad exchange in mobile – leverage superior ad
targeting, multiple purchase models and leading resellers including Microsoft’s
sales force and large-scale Microsoft Advertising adCenter marketplace.
Quick and Hassle
Microsoft’s simple Ad Control, self-serve developer
sign-up, reporting and automated payout ensures a seamless ad monetization
experience for developers. The Ad Control SDK supports the XNA framework or
See What’s
Actionable reporting helps developers optimize for
best user experience and advertising yield. 


Get started in three easy steps

Download the SDK  Download the Ad Control SDK. Download the Ad SDK to build your app and run ads in test mode that
requires no on-boarding to try out the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows
Phone 7.
Sign Up for pubCenter Mobile  Register your mobile apps on pubCenterSign up andand register
your Windows Phone apps using Microsoft Advertising’s solution for Windows Phone
7 publishers and app developers.
Implement and Submit  Implement and Submit. Set the Application Id and Ad Unit Id
properties in the Ad Control and submit your ad-enabled app to the Windows Phone