Visual Studio #LightSwitch Beta 2 Training Kit (#trainingkit)

The Visual Studio LightSwitch Training Kit contains demos and labs to help you
learn to use and extend LightSwitch. The introductory materials walk you through
the Visual Studio LightSwitch product. By following the hands-on labs, you’ll
build an application to inventory a library of books.

The more advanced
materials will show developers how they can extend LightSwitch to make
components available to the LightSwitch developer. In the advanced hands-on
labs, you will build and package an extension that can be reused by the Visual
Studio LightSwitch end user.

The Training Kit includes the following content:

– LightSwitch Overview

– Demo: Introducing Visual Studio LightSwitch

– Hands-on-lab: Simple Book Store Application

– Hands-on-lab: Enhancing the Book Store Application

– LightSwitch Advanced Features

– Demo: Building Your First LightSwitch Application

– Hands-on-lab: LightSwitch Control Extensions

– Hands-on-lab: LightSwitch Data Source Extensions