CODE Magazine – Article: Inside Visual Studio #LightSwitch

Inside Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch
uses a model-centric architecture for defining, building, and executing a 3-tier
LightSwitch application.

model-centric architecture uses models to describe the structure and semantics
of an end-to-end application. The applications that you build with LightSwitch
have a traditional N-tier architecture.

this article we discuss the LightSwitch model-centric approach and the main
elements of a LightSwitch model. We’ll also look at the runtime architecture
tiers (presentation, service, and data) and how they relate to the

If you haven’t taken a look at LightSwitch yet, this could be a good starting point. I have written an admin client for an application that I am developing, following my usual datacentric approach, and I am amazed at how easy it is to implement vrey functional, 3-tier solutions.