Best rich Internet application development platform



In the fight for supremacy in RIA, HTML5
may eventually be the victor
, perhaps even doing away with proprietary
technologies such as Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash. However, HTML5 is
still a long way from finalization, even though bits
and pieces are being implemented
in today’s
browsers. In the meantime, companies that want to provide a truly rich Web
experience will continue to choose between the market leaders.

Right now, we favor Silverlight. In the two categories most important to
decision makers — developer tools and design integration — Silverlight
trumps Flash/AIR/Flex
. The toolset in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 is
demonstrably excellent, and Microsoft Expression Blend bridges the
design-development gap much better than Adobe Flash Catalyst. For these reasons,
companies like Netflix have chosen Silverlight as their RIA technology. We
completely agree.

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In Silverlight we trust 🙂

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