Customers FAQ: Today, focus on #Azure

With this post, I would like to list a few links that helps answering several customer requests that I have received recently.


You can find them here. Related to this topic, you may also be interested in

  • reading the terms of use
  • accessing the support portal, from which you can
    • access the Service Dashboard with infomation about the status of the Azure Services in the different datacenters worldwide
      • NB: you can also subscribe to this information in form of an RSS or you can monitor your applications directly with System Center and the Windows Azure Application Monitoring Management Pack which is today available for download as a Release Candidate (more info also here)
    • report an issue you are experiencing with the services


Please allow me to re-link you to a few posts within this blog:



(recurring question that fortunately we can always answer differently, considering the amount of innovation regularly brought to Azure…)

5) IaaS, WM ROLE, ???

In the recent past, this was definitely a recurring question. One of the most encountered misunderstanding is that VM role is Microsoft new IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) offer. This is not the case. Here, you can find a nice overview of the Azure Roles, and this blog entry written by Planky nicely explains the VM Role and what it is good for.

If you are in Switzerland and need more specific information, please do not hesitate to contact me under

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