Windows Azure #VMRole != IaaS

The addition of the new VMRole to the existing Web and Worker Roles, opens up
many new possibilities to developers of Windows Azure applications.

First off – what is it? At first look it appears to be nothing more than a VM
hosted on the Windows Azure fabric. In the PDC 10 announcement, Bob Muglia used
the word “Infrastructure” in his description of the new role. This has caused
some to understand the role is essentially an IaaS role and there are certainly
a number of lively debates on the net today about what it is and what it

Perhaps the thing to do here, right now in this blog is to say what it is and
what it isn’t. I’m going to take this messaging from the Senior Vice President
of Windows Azure and from the Business Group in Microsoft who own the product.
So you’re just about to get the “official answer”. Here goes:

Good post on WMRole done by Planky(tronixx)