Azure Security papers summary

Information Security Management System for Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure (November 2010) – This paper describes the Information Security Management System program for Microsoft’s Cloud Infrastructure, as well as some of the processes and benefits realized from operating this model. An overview of the key certifications and attestations Microsoft maintains to prove to cloud customers that information security is central to Microsoft cloud operations is included.

(August 2010) – To help customers better understand the array of security controls implemented within Windows Azure from both the customer’s and Microsoft operations’ perspectives, this paper provides a comprehensive look at the security available with Windows Azure. The paper provides a technical examination of the security functionality available, the people and processes that help make Windows Azure more secure, as well as a brief discussion about compliance.

Security Best Practices for Developing Windows Azure Applications

(June 2010) – This white paper focuses on the security challenges and recommended approaches to design and develop more secure applications for Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform. It is intended to be a resource for technical software audiences: software designers, architects, developers and testers who design, build and deploy more secure Windows Azure solutions.