Jeff Wilcox – Looking ahead: Panorama and Pivot controls for Windows Phone developers

Looking ahead: Panorama and Pivot controls for Windows Phone

Apps in Windows Phone 7 make it easy to explore and experience information
thanks to two similar navigation controls: panorama and pivot controls. We’ve
made it easy for developers to build applications with these experiences by
putting these Silverlight controls and associated tooling in the next release of
the free developer tools (didn’t make the beta).

The controls are simple & easy to use, but I’ve seen enough rumbling on
forums to know that developers are anxious to learn more about their
capabilities. In lieu of bits, I’m going to introduce these controls and how
they appear from a simple API & XAML perspective, so that you’ll have what
you need while planning your apps to know how these experiences can fit into
your apps.

Note: this post contains pre-release
information and is subject to change at any time.

Panorama control inside of the Visual Studio design surface for the
Windows Phone 7.

Awesome post by Jeff.