Microsoft #Case Study: Windows #Azure – #Sobees

Sobees Social Media Service Provider Expands Offering, Attracts
Customers with Cloud Services

Sobees develops software that customers can use to manage all of
their social media information streams with a single application. The aggregator
is popular among consumers who use applications such as Twitter and Facebook,
and it recently earned a spot as the leading application on the Yahoo! Mail
portal in Europe. With that exposure, and the potential to acquire millions of
new customers, Sobees wasn’t confident that the small hosting company it used
could provide the reliability and scalability it needed. Sobees migrated its
solution to the Windows Azure platform and also developed a new service on
Windows Azure, which it plans to make available to other companies through the
Microsoft technology code-named “Dallas.” By choosing Windows Azure, Sobees
improved the scalability, reliability, and performance of its applications, and
maintained costs, even with 10 times more business.

A very cool Azure case from our friends on the French part of Switzerland!