Silverlight Roland-Garros French Open Tennis in High Definition – With a bit of help from IIS Smooth Streaming – Softpedia

Roland-Garros French Open Tennis
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and Eurosport have tapped Microsoft technologies in order
to enable users of their respective websites to watch high-definition content
from the 2010 French Open tennis championships. As of May 26th, 2010, and until
June 6th Silverlight and IIS Smooth Streaming will enable
visitors to FranceTV and Eurosport websites to watch games featuring superstars
like Rafael Nadal in the Roland-Garros French Open Tennis. The Spaniard has
already won the French Open no less than four times, and, despite the loss last
year, he is most probably THE player to watch in 2010.

The (video) player is the right one, the (tennis) player not: Long live King Roger!