IIS Media Services to Include a Version of PlayReady DRM for HTTP Streaming

Some big news today for customers who are interested in easy to use, robust content protection for HTTP streaming scenarios using IIS Media Services…

Today we’re announcing that IIS Media Services will support a version of PlayReady DRM to enable protected HTTP streaming. The PlayReady DRM IIS Media Services solution will deploy on a single box to secure your media assets for online streaming using the IIS Smooth Streaming and PlayReady DRM technology, directly within IIS Media Services – no additional license fees or royalties required.
File-based encryption is the most robust way to secure high value content – much more so than stream encryption, which only secures the communication stream. The PlayReady DRM IIS Media Services solution will bring full file-based encryption into IIS Media Services with the ease of use of traditional stream encryption.  And the solution of course will use Microsoft PlayReady technology, which is widely supported in the industry and draws on the experience gained from more than a decade of investment that Microsoft has made in the development of DRM technology.
For customers needing to apply PlayReady DRM protection to content for offline scenarios, or apply customized business rules to the use of protected content in purchase/rental/subscription scenarios, of course that functionality will remain available, as it is today, via the use of a PlayReady Server.
We are at booth 125 at Streaming Media East this week (May 11-12) at the Hilton New York in New York City, where we are showing a preview of IIS Media Services with PlayReady DRM. We are also showing features of IIS Media Services 4, including Transform Manager, a server-side transformation engine that streamlines production workflow by enabling scenarios like encode once and simultaneously deliver multiple formats. For example with Transform Manager, you could simultaneously deliver the IIS Smooth Streaming format for Silverlight clients, and Apple’s HTTP streaming format for iPhones and iPads. Please read our NAB post to see what else is new in IIS Media Services 4.
If you have not already registered for Streaming Media East, we’re pleased to offer discounted registration for the conference or a free exhibits pass by registering using the VIPMICRO priority code at the registration link.
This is a good opportunity to let you know about some exciting new Silverlight offerings from our customers. Swedish sports channel C Sports and MediaCorp, the Singaporean television and radio broadcaster, join the ever-increasing roster of companies using Silverlight and IIS Smooth Streaming to deliver high quality engaging content.

Awesome! (Smooth) Streaming has never been so powerful and cheap!