Silverlight Media Framework

What is the Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework?

Microsoft’s open
source Silverlight Media Framework (SMF) enables developers to quickly deploy a
robust, scalable, customizable media player for IIS Smooth Streaming delivery. The SMF builds on the core
functionality of the Smooth
Streaming Player Development Kit

SMF is built on a proven code base with dozens of leading Smooth
Streaming deployments, including Wimbledon, Sunday Night Football on NBCSports,
the UEFA Super Cup on Canal+, Roland Garros and the Tour de France on France
Télévisions and many others and by providing developers with source code they
can more easily build these experiences for their deployments. Key features in
the framework include DVR, rewind, alternate language tracks, in-stream data
feeds and analytics tracking. The SMF is designed for future third-party
extensibility and component modularity, as well as support for other media
delivery scenarios beyond Smooth Streaming.