Introducing Windows Azure Now Available!


Introducing Windows Azure, by Henry Li provides all the information developers need to get started with Microsoft’s next-generation cloud-computing operating system and apply it across a range of situations. Presented in a clear, concise manner, this book provides a carefully measured learning curve for surmounting the architectural and coding challenges that need to be faced when building a well-balanced Windows Azure service.

Purchase your copy in eBook format or through Amazon today!

Learn How To:

  • Understand the critical concepts of Azure, such as data storage and retrieval, .NET Services, and SQL Azure
  • Learn to write Azure code and architect cloud-based solutions
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of cloud computing and how the hosted architecture will impact the way organizations host, deploy, and maintain their solutions
  • Integrate .NET Services and SQL Azure into existing applications to increase their functionality
  • Understand how Azure can be leveraged to solve a variety of programming tasks through extensive exercises and recipes

Spring St, New York, NY, 10014

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