PREFACE The One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence, launched in the fall of 2014, is a longterm investigation of the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its influences on people, their communities, and society. It considers the science, engineering, and deployment of AI-enabled computing systems….

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Free ebook and new MVA Training on Migrating SQL Server DBs to Azure

You also can download the eBook Migrating a SQL Server Database to Azure for free, and/or watch a great MVA training: Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure

MVA training info:

If you’re an experienced SQL Server database administrator or developer and if you have a need to “lift and shift” databases to the cloud, this course is for you. Carl Rabeler, author of the Microsoft Press book Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure, and Microsoft Senior Content Developer Chris Randall, who was the book’s technical reviewer, walk you through key topics.

Get an overview of SQL Server in Microsoft Azure, learn how to get started with SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine, and explore Azure SQL Database. Plus, find details on migrating a database to Azure, and learn more about authentication, authorization, and data resiliency. Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into securing and protecting your data in Azure in this SQL Server training, as you move to the cloud.

1 | Overview of SQL Server in Microsoft Azure

Get an introduction to the course, and explore the role of SQL Server technologies in a Microsoft Azure environment, including Azure Virtual Machines and Azure SQL Database.

2 | Getting Started with SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine

Learn how to provision Azure Virtual Machines using the SQL Server template from the Virtual Machine gallery.

3 | Getting Started with Azure SQL Database

See how to provision an Azure SQL Database, including logical servers, firewalls, and administrator accounts.

4 | Migrating a Database to Azure

Learn how to migrate existing databases from on-premises SQL Server, using a number of mechanisms.

5 | Authentication, Authorization, and Data Resiliency

Dive into securing and protecting your data in Azure.


  • Get an overview of SQL Server in Microsoft Azure.


  • Get started with SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine.
  • Get started with an Azure SQL Database.
  • Learn about migrating a database to Azure.
  • Get the details on authentication, authorization, and data resiliency.
  • Prerequisites

    This course assumes that you have more than one year of database administration using Microsoft SQL Server.


Startup Mountain Camp is back–Join the Summer edition to top the success of the Winter one!

BizSpark Camp

BizSpark Mountain Camp in Serpiano TI
13.-16. June 2016

Nutze deine Chance und treffe das Schweizer BizSpark Team sowie andere BizSpark Startups im sonnigen Tessin vom 13.-16 Juni 2016.

Das Swiss BizSpark Mountain Camp wird hoch über dem Lugano See im Hotel Serpiano stattfinden, von wo aus man einen fantastischen Ausblick über die Gegend und zum «Monte San Giorgio» (Weltkulturerbe) geniessen kann. In einer entspannten Atmosphäre werden wir dort 4 Tage zusammenarbeiten: Das BizSpark Team wird euch jederzeit mit Rat und Tat zur Seite stehen und es besteht zusätzlich für euch die Möglichkeit, an unseren täglichen, technischen Vorträgen euer Wissen zu vertiefen.

Ziel während dieser Veranstaltung ist es euch dabei zu helfen, eure Ideen, Projekte oder Produkte weiterzuentwickeln und dabei viel Spass mit gleichgesinnten zu haben!

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Cyber Defense Operations Center video is currently the most viewed

Dear “Techies”,

The “31 days of learning” campaign is running very successfully. Do not miss the chance to refresh your skills and win great prices. The current hot topics are

  • Satya Nadella on Cybersecurity and Microsoft’s new Cyber Defense Operations Center
  • Introducing Hyper-V Containers
  • PowerShell Basics (Part 1) – Getting Started with PowerShell
  • Transforming Data into intelligent action
  • Container Fundamentals ¦ Part 1 – Introduction

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